New registration for 2019 – this is must have for every kid who would like enroll in pathshala – existing and new. We hope with your commitment and encouragement, all kids in your family will benefit.

— Even though your kids are registered Pathshala student , we are asking everyone to fill out a new form this year for 2019 Pathshala year
— If for some reason you cannot be regular in Pathshala then please do not fill out this form. If you register, we are expecting at least 50% attendance and sincerity from the student.
— You do not have to fill out a Pathshala registration form if you only want to participate in Mahavir Janma Kalyanak Program, you will be given a separate form to register for MJ program later on.
— We welcome your support in terms of donations – you may sponsor meals and/ or prabhavana. Please feel free to contact at the email below. This option is open to all members of JCGC.
— With the intention of keep the student attendance high this year, we have introduced minimal fines for missed classes.

Please send us email if you would like more information at

Pathshala Registration link

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