About JCGC

Jain Center of Greater Charlotte (JCGC), a non-profit religious organization, serves the spiritual, cultural, social, and community needs of Jain families in and around metropolitan Charlotte area. JCGC is dedicated to the practice, understanding, promotion, and preservation of the Jain faith. Our activities include celebrating major religious festivals such as Mahavir Jayanti, Paryushan, and Diwali, and routine programs like Swadhyay, Poojas and children's Pathshaala.

Our Members

JCGC membership is open to all persons or families who subscribe to Jain faith. As of December 2014 over 150 families, living in the Charlotte Metro area, are either members of JCGC or are affiliated with our organization.

History of Jain Temple (Jinalay)

For many years Jain Center of Greater Charlotte (JCGC) had been planning for and working towards building a Jinalay (temple) of their own. This dream finally materialized as the brand new Jain Temple opened its doors on Monday, September 12th, 2011.

Land to build the Jain Center was purchased and later donated to JCGC by Shri Kamleshbhai and Bhavnaben Shah of Charlotte. Several fundraising events were carried out and a significant amount of money to support the project was been raised from generous donations.

JCGC carried out a bhoomi poojan to sanctify the donated land on July 22, 2007. The “Shila Ropan” (stone laying) ceremony was scheduled in April 2008. From this point JCGC obtained a grading permit, carried out site clean-up, engaged contractors, and obtained a building permit to begin construction on all structures.

Located at 7631 Mallard Creek Rd, Charlotte, NC 28262, the marvelous 8400 SF Jain Center is built on nearly 3 acres of land. Currently the Center has a large worship hall, a stage for cultural programs, and several multi-purpose rooms. Future plans include construction of a kitchen and dining hall, and the main temple with a shikhar (dome). When fully built the Center will cover 12,000 SF of space. Local Jains and members of the larger Indian community have donated land, money, and resources over a span of 20 years to bring this project to fruition. Due to the generosity of these donors the Jain Center was debt free at the time of opening. JCGC and its predecessor organization Jain Study Group had been congregating and worshipping at the Hindu Center before the opening of Jain Center.

The Jain Center is first temple dedicated to Jain faith in North Carolina. It is the only temple of its kind between Atlanta, GA and Washington DC. Outside of certain dedicated Jain temples in Florida, Charlotte’s Jain temple is the only place serving the Jain community in North Carolina, South Carolina, and adjoining areas in nearby states.

JCGC celebrated a very joyous Pratishtha Mahotsav (Installation and Opening Ceremony) for four days (September 9, 2011 to September 12, 2011). Noted scholars and priests were invited to perform the installation of the idol of Bhagvan Parshwanath, the 23rd Tirthankar of Jain religion. Hundreds of Jains and members of other communities participated in and enjoyed the festivities which included a procession (varghodo), and various poojas and rituals. The poojas were conducted by noted Jain vidhikar (priest) Shri Narendra Nandu. All meals were cooked and served at site, with over 1500 meals were served to the congregation. Volunteers from the Jain community worked for several days in preparation for the opening ceremony and handled the entire responsibility of delivering a successful event.

JCGC has already started full use of the facility. Daily morning and evening prayers and poojas are being regularly conducted now, with more activities carried out during weekends. Even before the construction of the Center JCGC already followed a very active religious, social, educational, and cultural program. Now with the opening of the brand new Center JCGC intends to intensify its existing activities as well as offer new services to Jains and the larger community. Some of the activities include monthly meetings, swadhyay (discourses), children’s classes (pathshala), worship services, celebration of important Jain festivals such as Mahavir Jayanti, Paryushan, and much more.

The Jain Center of Charlotte is a shining example of what a community can achieve when they set their minds and hearts on their goals. The Jain Center will now serve as the beacon of Jain faith for many generations to come.

Phase II of Construction and Expansion: DERASAR (Temple)

The Long Range Planning Committee of JCGC has been given the mandate to create a roadmap for the growth and sustenance of the Jinalay. Several key expansion and improvement projects are being considered at this time. The highest priority project is the completion and construction of the inner sanctum within the Jain Center. This is going to be the first Shikharbandhi (Domed) Derasar between New Jersey and Atlanta. This will also be the first independent Jain temple between Washinton, DC and Atlanta, GA in the Southeast United States.

The Derasar will have ghabharo (inner sanctum) where Aadinathji idol will be installed as mulnayak (principal idol). The other two idols will be of Mahavir Swami and Shantinath Bhagvan. Outside of the ghabharo we will have six gokhalas (enclosure of idol), where other yaksha, yakshini, devi and devatas will be established at a later date.

The Rang Mandap (Assembly Hall) will be a space that will accommodate 100 attendees.  This is the area where people can perform rituals like dev-darshan, chaitya-vandan, and snatra-pooja. Shower and change rooms have been included in the design for those who need to use them.

Activity Hall

The Activity Hall will be used carry out activities other than poojas. This hall consists of pathshaala rooms, swadhyay room, activity hall and stage for cultural performances. The Activity Hall is big enough to accommodate up to 300 people. The stage is for children’s program, lectures by scholars and for bhakti sangeet programs.

Dining Hall

The Dining Hall with capacity of 200 people will be used for serving food and hosting dining events. This hall will have a dining area, kitchen and storage.

Project Status

The target to finish construction of the gabharo and dining hall is late 2016. Funds will be needed before construction can begin in earnest. We need your help and support in making this project successful. Donating towards construction of Jain temples is considered one of the highest form of giving according to Jain scriptures. To donate today please click here.

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