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As we reflect back on our kartavya’s and pravachan’s given by guru bhagvant, one thing we all agree is the importance of Jivdaya, Anukampa and Sadharmik bhakti.

Why should every Jain Shravak and Shravika do Jivdaya ?
Jivdaya is compassion towards all living beings. Compassion towards all living beings is the fundamental of Jainism.
Donations made towards Jivdaya in JCGC are distributed to animal welfare (Panjrapole) centers in India and US, who take care of Cow and other farm animals. We donate 100% of our Jivdaya donations to Panjrapoles..

What is the importance of Anukampa and Sadharmik Bhakti?
Donations made towards Anukampa are used to support families affected by any natural disaster like floods, earthquake, cyclone. Whereas, Donations for Sadharmik bhakti are used to support low income Jain families as they are not able to fulfill their daily needs. In this challenging times of COVID-19 pandemic we can only imagine the tough times our Sadharmik brothers and sisters may be going through in India. We are fortunate enough to have much less financial impact compared to poor families in India who have lost most of their Income. Hence, a heartfelt request to all Sangh members to donate this year more than every other year.

Please use this form to make your donation - Jivdaya , Sadharmik & Anukampa Donations If you have any questions feel free to reach out to any of our BODs or our treasurer Pareshbhai Shah (treasurer@jaincenterus.org or 704-651-8707)

Jivdaya , Sadharmik & Anukampa Donars

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